Building relationships
karishma shahani

The brand focuses on being multi-cultural & using a variation of techniques and materials, not limited to a particular style. Not stopping at the garments, it is a complete look integrated with design as a celebration - an eclectic mix of basic materials with high embellishments or vice versa which fit in harmony despite their contrasting natures. In its essence it is a re-interpretation of materials and their function at every step depending on the need, always re-using and recycling, creating heirlooms that are passed down through generations.

The brand aims to help increase fair trade and benefit artisans at the grass root level for their revival and longevity. It stands as a means of promotion of an entire body of craft, from a bead maker to a leather worker, a dyer and a weaver. It is about giving back to the labourers a profit they can use to sustain themselves for their welfare and education and development of their skills to be less dependent on exploitation of their heritage. It is about creating co-operatives to prevent extinction of traditional skills by way of supporting and protecting those responsible, with the belief that support extended to people to improve lifestyles would gradually affect the overall quality of the produce, with the creation of more organic and eco-friendly materials due to better resources and finances.

With the designs combining a fusion of two extremes, making the products experimental and unconventional, while being hinged on modern functionality, we would like to see the brand expand to different areas as mentioned earlier. reaching out across the globe to sustain all the stake holders – the customer, the producers and all in between.

It has only just started but we hope to travel the distance, bridging gaps, telling stories, building relationships and collaborating to create a truly global Indian brand for our global surroundings, a brand sent with love from India to the world. An organisation built on our inherent value system from uplifting the lives of all those associated with it to reusing, reforming and inheriting like we do to pass it on through generations.