November 2011 Collaboration with London-based charitable organisation which wil work to develop the built environment of various communities in Bangladesh. The culmination was part of a showcase ‘All Silk Yards of Benarasi’, held in Spitalfields, London
September 2011 Collaboration with LA Fortuna Studio, Belgium as part of their ‘Believers’ Campaign and Travelling Exhibition.
July 2011 Collaboration with Milk X Magazine, Hong Kong for an article titles ‘Reborn’ – Recycled garments.
October 2010 – February 2011 Textile Designer and Product Developer, Home Textiles for Textrade, India.
August 2010 – January 2011 Collaboration with American Artist Amy Sol for Jhoole, a social enterprise based in rural Madhya Pradesh. The organization works towards the empowerment of women through employment and upgradation of skills in the weavers village of Maheshwar, Central India.
January/February 2013 Showcase of Designer Artist cross cultural collaboration – Art Meets Fashion
March/April 2013 Project in Collaboration with Wildlife Artist & Graphic Artist for potential promotion of a region in India