2011 - Autumn / Winter

Utility and protection, are factors that have through time emerged in human clothing in various shapes and forms. The protective clothing of warriors utilised as armour through war; layered, textured and decorative, served their purpose well. In contrast stands the beauty of India’s’ native nomadic costumes, indigenous in construction and personality driven aiding them to combat the environment and adhere to social stigmas.

This collection draws on this multi-layered physical and spiritual culture of dressing. The clothes echo the colourful and eclectic visual experiences of the onlooker and the protected and guarded experiences of the wearer.

The colours resonate these contrasting sects with traditional methods of dyeing and surface techniques. With the abundant use of up-cycled products and recycled fabrics and materials for uses differing from accessory to finishing, this collection is made with love, a bond passed on from the maker to the wearer. Our ‘Kranti’ or ‘Revolution’ is an ode to people as warriors on or off the battlefield keeping intact the brand’s reflection of it’s Indian lifestyle of re-interpreting materials and their function at every step, creating heirlooms that are passed down through generations, borrowing from the nomadic lifestyle of sustainability and maximum utility of possessions and the warrior attribute of heroic revolt and utility of material exteriors for protection.