Basant O Basant
2012 - Spring / Summer

When the sun shines, it shines on us all equally, not biased by religion, race or possessions.

A protector, the centre of our universe and a beacon in the true sense of the word, our ‘Basant-o-Basant’ literally translated to ‘Spring-o-Spring’ is a hello to that sunshine and the flora and fauna that follows.

Reflected in the colours of Mother Earth in this season and textures that represent the same, each piece has been hand-dyed to reach its final feel. Hand-crafted with the idea of adornment that can be passed down through time like our sun, who with our care and nurturing will surely stay by our side through generations to come.

Shot in complete daylight with no use of artificial lighting this is our tribute to the mighty light you seen in the sky so far away but still with the ability to give us light everyday. For each day after it sets, its moonlight lives on and that is what we get until a brand new day is born. With hope and with fears it continues to play its part, a quality we yearn to possess to affect lives through our path.

Putting a Spring in your step let the Sun shine.

A poetic salutation from India with love to the divine.

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